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Our Mission

Many life events are unavoidable but can be financially devastating.  Our goal is to assist individuals and/or couples transition through those life events and develop skills for financial success moving forward.

Are You Experiencing...

Overwhelming Debt

Debt can leave you feeling defeated with minimal hope for the financial future. There are various strategies to tackle debt. Understanding the financial psychology associated with each strategy is pivotal to your financial success. Let’s start the conversation.

Suddenly Single

Transitioning through divorce or finding yourself a widow/widower, the emotions alone are challenging. Adding the financial stress of living on one income versus two can lead to deeper routed health concerns of depression and/or financial anxiety. With our 4 step process you can regain your financial confidence.

Limited Borrowing Options

Poor credit not only limits your borrowing options, it results in higher interest rates and it can actually cost you job opportunities. YES! That is true. Let’s work on improving and protecting your credit score. No better time to start than NOW!

Arguing Over Money

Finances are a leading contributor to relationships breaking down. Developing the needed strategies can be the best investment to ensure your relationship's financial success. 

Meet Annette Bourassa


I offer a wide scope of experience & knowledge, all centered on finances, with the passion to help individuals reach their financial goals.

I am more than just a "money coach", my credentials include:

A Chartered Professional Accountant

A Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

A Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist

An Accredited Financial Counsellor

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